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Mal Robertson

Owner of Whitsunday Sailing School, Mal has over 33 years experience at sea. His career began in the fishing industry working trawlers in the Gulf of Carpentaria as an 18 year old. At 20 he signed on to be a seafood technologist based out of Auckland on a joint venture between Japan and New Zealand working Pursaners (210 ft long fishing vessels) It was while in New Zealand he took a real interest in sailing and when transferred to oversee a joint fishing project in Burma spent his spare time sailing  in the water around Thailand. He returned to Australia and enrolled in the Marine Academy where he spent five years studying to become a Yachtmaster Instructor and Offshore Examiner after which he spent two years in the US studying navigation, big boat handling & advanced spinnaker techniques.

Mal returned to Australia and established the Whitsunday Marine Academy in 1992 in 2005 he was awarded the Master of Yachts Unlimited Power and Sail to 200 gross ton by the IYT.

During his career he has owned or operated many boats most of them large maxis including the famous boats Maxi Ragamuffin, Set Free,  Siska, Hammer of Queensland, Condor, Freight Train and many others.

Mal is very well known throughout the Whitsundays and the sailing industry in general as a Master Sailor. He has a passion for sailing and it is his ability to transfer that passion to his customers that has seen people come back time after time.

He does however – tell terrible jokes – so be warned!

The Crew 

Mal has a team of great people working with him, there’s Frenchy, Dutchy, Hercules, the Baron, Korby. They all do have their own names but somehow the first thing they get when they board our yachts is a new nickname. All crew are trained personally by Mal and are on board to make sure you have the best stay possible! They also have one other thing in common – they are all great cooks!

The Office 

Hidden behind a computer screen and her phone is Anne from Manly Sailing who does all the bookings and administration. Anne quite literally ran away to sea in 2005 – opening up Manly Sailing and partnering with Whitsunday Sailing School and loves nothing more than getting people out on the water. She’s great at answering all your questions and making sure your booking process goes perfectly smoothly – which is how she also enjoys her sailing these days!