Overview :

The IYT Worldwide Master of Yachts Unlimited is a Certificate of Competency for operating Commercial Yachts, in command of a vessel up to a maximum 200 tons, anywhere in the world. The certificate is a qualification that indicates that the holder has sufficient knowledge of celestial navigation, to navigate globally using a sextant and to plan, undertake and manage an ocean passage, together with a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved with regard to routing and meteorology/weather matters.

Based on the MCA’s Deck Manning Table if one holds this qualification they may work as:

• Master of 200 ton vessel all oceans

• Chief Mate of 500 ton vessel up to 150 nautical miles offshore

• Chief Mate of 200 ton vessel all ocean’s

• OOW (Officer of the Watch of 500 ton vessel all ocean’s.

To gain the IYT Worldwide Master of Yachts Unlimited certificate, a theory course, practical competencies and written exam must be successfully completed.Scope:

A six day comprehensive high level course on celestial navigation.


The expected learning outcome is that the candidate has sufficient knowledge of celestial navigation, based on air navigation tables, to navigate the globe using a sextant, to plan, undertake and manage an ocean passage and is capable of successfully utilizing celestial navigation techniques together with a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved with regard to routing and meteorology/weather matters. In particular understands the theory and practical applications of:The Earth, the celestial sphere and the PZX Triangle Measurement of time Meridian altitudes Care and correct use of a sextant Sun sights, planet sights, star sight planning, star sights, the pole star, and moon sights; reduction and plotting Compass checking Satellite/electronic navigation systems Passage planning, great circle sailing and world Meteorology.

Entry Standard:The MOY Unlimited Certification Program is an extensive course designed to provide the highest standards of maritime education for both the professional and recreational mariner. It is an intensive course designed for experienced crew with sufficient on the water experience. The requirements are:2.IYT Worldwide MOY Unlimited Programme is restricted to current holders of a

A. Valid IYT Worldwide MOY Limited Certificate.b.A valid MCA stamped Notice of Eligibility (NOE) c. A valid MCA 200 GT Co C3. Students may sit the Unlimited course immediately after completing the Limited course provided they have indeed passed all components for MOY Limited theory and practical. HOWEVER, schools may not order the MOY Unlimited certificate until IYT has received the order for same candidate’s MOY Limited and it has been verified.

4. A physical/medical which must include eyesight and colour blindness check

5. The Candidate should be 18 years of age or over6.Qualifying Voyage/sa.Prior to taking the course the candidate MUST have undertaken either 2 trips of 250 miles, or 1 trip of 500 miles out of sight of land, and to cover those areas where this may be difficult, ie the Med or Caribbean; this out of sight of land requirement can be satisfied 20 miles or more from a shore line.

b. It is expected that a passage plan be made for that voyage which would subsequently be used in the course for review and debriefing purposes leading to improvements by the final theory exam.c. It is strongly preferred that the passage/s be carried out prior to the course being taken (but that it may be done after the course with extenuating circumstances)Certificate and/or Documentation: Candidates who have demonstrated the required level of understanding and expertise in the course syllabus will be awarded the IYT Worldwide MOY Unlimited Certificate of Competency.