Coastal Skipper Unique Private Training Offer

Recently purchased a yacht?
Thinking about buying?
Want to take your sailing to another level?

Discover how to handle a vessel confidently. Freedom is only a sail hoist away and Let’s face it twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than those you did.
Do you know you can gain the skills to cruise the coast or cross an ocean fast and safe and in style and comfort? Our Coastal Skippers
Unique Expedition will get you there.


You will Know by the end of the course.
• International collision regulations :
(Knowing these and where to access information gives you confidence in close quarters situations with small vessels or large ships in busy shipping areas.
• Navigational charts and publications:
(Being able to understand and knowing where to purchase the appropriate publications for you is extremely important.


• Dead reckoning and estimated position
• Position fixing
• Tides and currents
• Pilotage
(Mastering the art of navigation is probably the most essential skill a yachtsman must have to stay alive when mother nature decides to do her thing. After this course you will be confident in your abilities to safely navigate Day or Night either in remote or dense traffic areas of water
• Safety at sea
(learn the tips and tricks of being safe and efficient when making long passages)
• Meteorology
(There are many sites to gather information on the net, however understanding and reading weather “old school” via observations smell and 6th sense combined with actions to avoid tropical revolving storms are a “Must Have Tool” in the Mariners long list of skills)
If you “Can’t Tie Knots Tie Lots” is knot the answer. The correct application with the right knot will get the job done safely and efficiently.
Boat handling
Docking. (Mastering these key factors in a variety of conditions will give you the confidence to enter any Marina or harbour you choose).
• Passage planning (Start with a Big Picture and chunk down. Many things can happen on a voyage. It’s up to the captain to have a contingency plan should things change)
Apps to make your job easier and safer.
Extra videos to study on your next level sailing journey

Here We Go!

Week 1
Welcome Aboard Day 1
Outline Notes Reference
Introduction, Review Weeks Schedule, Stow personal gear. Review Boat Systems, Safety equipment and settle in.
Day 2
Short Range Communication/VHF theory.
Safety and Survival at sea,
Preparation for sea and shopping.
Stow Sundries.
Day 3
Short Range Communication practical and test
Rules of Road

Coastal Navigation Review and practice, Pilotage and Passage planning Meteorology
Electronic Navigation Aids, Radar
Boat handling, Power and sail, MOB and Sail handling, sail trim etc Anchors and Anchoring
Anchor, Dinner
Day 4
Rules of Road, Lights & Shapes
Boat handling, Power and sail, MOB and Sail handling, sail adjustment Anchor, Dinner and review
Chapter 19 Chapters15 -17 Chapters 7 – 10 and Chapter 14
Passage Planning, Coastal Navigation Review, Plan for Night Entry Voyage to include Navigation
Exercises, Position Fixing
Beam Bearings, DR, EP and Fixes.

Day 6
Return to re provision.
Coastal Navigation Review and practice,
Chartwork, plotting, Tides and Currents, Course to steer.
Chapters 11 – 13 Chapter 18
Day 7
Re-fueling procedures,
Rules of Road, Lights & Shapes
Chartwork, plotting, Tides and Currents, Course to steer Close quarters manoeuvring
Anchor, Dinner and review
Chapter 14 and Chapters 7 – 10
Day 8 to 18
Journey South
Pilotage, Meteorology and Passage planning. Electronic plotting.
Boat handling, Power and sail, MOB and Sail handling, sail trim etc Close quarters manoeuvring .
Hands on night watches.
During these next 10 days the candidates will be coached in being a Master. We will also work on any areas that need clarification and a Complete Syllabus Review will take place.
We will find a suitable anchorage and Clean and Prep vessel for Exam.
Chapter 11 and 12
Day 18 to 21
Yacht Master Coastal Independent Examination Complete Syllabus.


Certificate Limitations
• Command of a vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft /24 metres
• In coastal waters up to 60 miles offshore
• In moderate wind and sea conditions
• Not for commercial use
Note: Yacht master Coastal is a recreational course that can be taught in any language BUT cannot be upgraded to the professional Master of Yachts certificate.
What are the minimum entry requirements to apply for the IYT Yachtmaster Coastal course?
• 25 days and 800 miles at sea including 2 days as watch leader/skipper
• 12 hours underway on watch at night
• Minimum sea time must have been met prior to the final examination
• Some of this will be obtained during the course. Prior Recognition of experience is considered.
What Does The Exam Consist Of?
The examination is an oral and practical test onboard a yacht. Candidates must demonstrate that they have sufficient ability to handle, dock, and anchor the boat with a required level of confidence. Candidates can expect to be examined on any subject contained within the syllabus and to be questioned on any of their yachting experience to date.
In the event that the examiner considers an examinee not to have achieved the required standards, a certificate will not be issued. In this case, a confidential report will be sent to the candidate outlining the reason or reasons for failure and suggesting remedial action that could lead to the successful completion of the course. Completion of the IYT Worldwide Yachtmaster Coastal course is not a guarantee of passing the examination and receiving your certificate.
If this sounds like you please Apply and let me know what you’re trying to achieve and why you want to come on this journey. I will then set up a phone conversation with you at a convenient time and we can discuss the possibility of you joining white swan.
During this conversation I will also help you get clarity on your sailing journey or path. Whether it be hiring a Bareboat, purchasing a yacht to cruise your local area, or Australia and the world I can help you get there.
How Do I Apply For Enrollment?
Candidates must apply to . We are Whitsunday Sailing School an IYT Worldwide Partner School which offers this unique course. There is no other course offered like this in Australia aboard such a classic comfortable ocean going yacht.
In order to apply for the IYT Worldwide Yachtmaster Certification courses, a detailed yachting resume must be sent to Whitsunday sailing school for evaluation.
You must also register with IYT worldwide. If you do not have a radio license you can do the online course prior to arriving. This does Not guarantee you will be invited to do this course it is for 2 select people and spaces are limited.
As you advance and become more proficient as crew or skipper you take on bigger challenges that require proper training to ensure the safety of your family and friends. The bigger the boat or length of adventure the more training you require. This course will take you to a whole new level.
Most of us prefer to spend our time on the water and not in a classroom. This is why I have developed this onboard complete course where you combine practical and theory while you move a vessel as a professional mariner.
We do also have a series of E-learning courses available for some of the theoretical part of sail and powerboat training.
1. Take one of our online (Elearning) courses for your next level of training.
2. Plan your practical training at one of our many schools worldwide to earn your final qualification.
3. Send in advance your resume and reason your perusing this offer.
4. Review the IYT course progression details to learn about more professional level
5. Spend time on the water and properly log your seatime.
The Boating Lifestyle is one of the most rewarding pursuits available. There is something physically and emotionally invigorating when you are offshore. To enjoy the experience fully you need the proper training & skills to be safe, prepared to be able to command a vessel.