Mile Builders

Looking for a sailing adventure or perhaps you need to get some sea miles logged?

Join one of our mile builder cruises on the East Coast of Australia.

The mile builder provides sea miles and offshore qualifying passages.

The emphasis during these cruises is on enjoyment and confidence building with the knowledge you have a seasoned Sailing Master & crew with you with you to guide you and help you every step of the way.

There is no such thing as a passenger on these journeys. Everyone on board is fully engaged in the watch system, taking turns at crewing, helming, navigating and even cooking. These are all things that you need to learn to do to be part of an offshore crew or to manage your own boat.

These passages are suitable for anyone with some basic sailing experience and can be used by those who want to do IYT Offshore Courses or get logged seatime.

You will experience night sailing, operating a watch system on board & there will be some stopping points on route which have opportunities to learning boat handling skills in harbours, marinas and small bays.

En route you will have the possiblity to learn more sailing skills and perfect safety procedures.

Add to that - magnificent sunrises and sunsets, marine life such as whales and dolphins and amazing coastal scenery which all makes this a trip of a life time.